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What is thermal spraying?

By means of thermal spraying, coatings can be produced which meet every kind of demand and which can be utilized in all branches of industry. A nobler material is applied to a base material in an economical way.

With thermal spraying, a material is melted using a thermal energy source and propelled, at a high velocity, onto the surface to be coated. The surface achieved in this way fulfils specific purposes and properties such as wear protection, corrosion protection, permanent roughness, to name just a few.


What are the different thermal spray processes?

The level of the two types of energy - thermal energy and kinetic energy - distinguish the different thermal spray processes from one another. The energy level is specified by the choice of spray process, i.e. by the energy source. To date, possible energy sources are the fuel gas / oxygen flame, electric energy, plasma and more recently the laser beam. Thermal energy is required to surface-melt or melt the spray material. Kinetic energy, measured by the particle velocity, is one of the factors which influences the density of the coating, the bond strength of the coating itself and the bond strength of the coating to the base material. The kinetic energy differs greatly from process to process and is dependent on the spray material and particle size.


Energy levels of the different thermal spray processes

Due to the different energy levels of the various thermal spray processes, each process is usually favoured for particular applications and therefore does not compete with the others. In fact, the different spray processes complement each other across the entire range of applications.


Which materials are sprayable and which can be coated using thermal spraying?

All materials which can be plasticized, i.e. which have a melting point, are sprayable, and any material (base material) can be coated using thermal spraying.


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