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SpinPro™ Golf Club Coatings

SpinPro and LINSPRAY® are registered trademarks for high-tech coatings which are applied to golf clubs by means of thermal spraying.

SpinPro™ coatings are a diamond-type protective coatings which are extremely wear-resistant and can therefore preserve the special properties of golf clubs such as back-spin and good ball guidance.

Golf clubs with SpinPro™ coatings demonstrate a softer and more agreeable impact and improve the behaviour of the ball on the green in that the ball rebounds differently and comes to a standstill significantly faster than after a shot with an uncoated club.

SpinPro™ golf club coatings conform to the Rules of Golf of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

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Golf Clubs

The illustration below shows the composition of a golf club. The area of the face to be coated is marked by a broken line.

LINSPRAY® Spray Process

Masking prevents the neck and the shaft from being damaged while coating the club head. A further protective measure is the use of CO2 cooling (to the left and right of the spray jet in the illustration).

SpinPro™ Effect

The following diagram shows the effect of a coated club more clearly:

Pro’s Comment to SpinPro™

“My personal impression is that the impact feels softer and therefore more agreeable, more comfortable. It is the good players in particular who consider this an advantage. The behaviour of the ball on the green is fantastic. The ball rebounds quite differently and comes to a standstill significantly faster. It really amazes me that a different type of coating on the face of a golf club can have such a positive influence on the ball.”

Frank Adamowicz
trainer for the PGA
and former national trainer of DGV
(German Golfing Association)


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